Always listening Always understanding

Always listening Always understanding

Ya Allah! Give me strength to go through these challenging path, I may be fall or stumble sometimes, but please keep giving me strength to stand back up dan continue the journey till the end of the road. You know what is the best for me. Please Allah, guide me through....



Friday, July 9, 2010

Maher Zain - For the Rest of My Life | ماهر زين - لبقية حياتي

ni lirik dia,jum nyanyi sama2...aaaaa...suker nya...

For The Rest Of my Life-Maher Zain

I praise Allah for sending me you my love

You found me home and sail with me

And I`m here with you

Now let me let you know

You`ve opened my heart

I was always thinking that love was wrong

But everything was changed when you came along


And theres a couple words I want to say


For the rest of my life

I`ll be with you

I`ll stay by your side honest and true

Till the end of my time

I`ll be loving you.loving you

For the rest of my life

Thru days and night

I`ll thank Allah for open my eyes

Now and forever I…I`ll be there for you

I know that deep in my heart

I feel so blessed when I think of you

And I ask Allah to bless all we do

You`re my wife and my friend and my strength

And I pray we`re together eternally

Now I find myself so strong

Everything changed when you came along


And theres a couple word I want to say

*Repeat Chorus

I know that deep in my heart now that you`re here

Infront of me I strongly feel love

And I have no doubt

And I`m singing loud that I`ll love you eternally

Repeat Chorus

I know that deep in my heart..

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